Professional Tree Surveys and Reports


Yorkshire Tree Specialists specialise in providing concise and clear BS 5837: 2012 “Trees in relation to design, demolition and construction – recommendations” reports in support of planning applications. We are well known by local authorities and have a reputation for providing professional accurate reports.

YTS can provide:

      • BS:5837 2012 reports
      • BS5837: Reports – Advice for pre planning permission clients and dedicated management of trees before, during and after the construction process
      • VTA stage 1, 2 & 3 Surveys – Decay detection using state of the art detection tools with experienced interpretation and appropriate advice given
      • Tree hazard management and risk rating, using internationally recognised systems
      • Creation of tree management strategies for land owners and local authorities
      • Mortgage and insurance Tree inspections
      • Planting recommendations
      • Provide pesticide advice meeting the legal requirements of the Control of Pesticide Regulations
      • Hazard tree assessment reports
      • Picus tomograph surveys
      • Resistograph surveys
      • Planting proposals
      • Woodland management plans
      • Construction site tree management and supervision
      • Health and safety audits
      • Tree database creation
      • Root protection area plans (Tree constraints plan)
      • Pesticide application

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